UPPPER Is USPA Recommended: What Does That Mean?

UPPPER Is USPA Recommended: What Does That Mean?

by Evelyn Valdez

In case you haven't heard – UPPPER Lever Bets and Wrist Wraps are USPA recommended!

We strive to make our lifting gear and fitness apparel the best quality at an affordable price point, so we're excited to share that it has been recognized by USPA powerlifting. But, what is USPA Powerlifting?

In this article, we'll go over everything to know about USPA and why our 10MM Lever Belts and Lifting Wrist Wraps have been recommended (hint: they're the best).

What is USPA?

USPA stands for United States Powerlifting Association. It is a premier powerlifting federation created by lifters for lifters. It was founded by Steve Denison and his love for powerlifting which started in 1983. After several years of competing and directing powerlifting meets, Steve founded the USPA in 2010.

The goal of USPA is to ensure lifters are provided an opportunity to showcase their results in a competitive (and safe) environment. They also create a yearly list of recommended gym equipment vendors, that way those who can compete and even avid lifters can purchase lifting gear and other gym accessories from a trustworthy company – UPPPER BEING ONE!

Why USPA Recommends UPPPER 10MM Lever Belts And Wrist Wraps

We applied through USPA and have met the necessary criteria to be on their list of recommended lifting equipment vendors for our Lever Belts and Wrist Wraps.

What about other UPPPER Lifting Gear?

We did not apply for our other gear! So, there isn't a specific reason why those aren't USPA recommended other than we did not apply for it.

Can you compete at USPA-sanctioned events with UPPPER Lever Belts and Wrist Wraps?

It's the powerlifter's responsibility to make sure any equipment meets the USPA Rulebook specification.

Maximize Your Training With Our USPA-Recommended Lifting Gear

Now you know exactly what USPA is and what it means to have our fitness gear recommended! Be sure to check out our collection of 10MM Lever Lifting Belts and Lifting Wrist Wraps they're highly rated, widely loved, and USPA recommended for a reason!


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