The Biggest Drop Of The Summer: Knee Sleeves

The Biggest Drop Of The Summer: Knee Sleeves

by Evelyn Valdez

Our highly requested and anticipated Knee Sleeves are finally (almost) here!

That’s right. Knee Sleeves are dropping this Saturday, August 12th @ 12 PM EST. You’ll soon find out that the wait was oh so worth it because these knee sleeves are EVERYTHING.

Now, let’s give you all the details on your soon-to-be favorite Knee Sleeves…

Knee Sleeve Design

UPPPER 7mm Knee Sleeves are designed to provide lifters with the best knee protection by helping improve blood flow and reduce strain and swelling in the knee joint. We went with a 7mm knee sleeve because they are considered to have a superior thickness for optimal compression and warmth. On top of that, they’re made with neoprene material making them thicker and adding an extra layer of protection. This will help protect your knees during heavy squats, leg presses, etc., and ensure you’re able to push heavier weights without compromising your form and comfort.

As for the look… You already know they’re sleek and beautifully designed! They have the UPPPER logo printed at the top in big letters so everyone can see who you’re repping, and a smaller print at the bottom.


You’re probably wondering what UPPPER gear of yours can you match with your soon-to-be new pair of knee sleeves… Wonder no more! Our Knee Sleeves will be available in these colors:

  • Baby Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Khaki
  • Lavender
  • Pink
  • White


UPPPER Knee Sleeves come in pairs and will retail for $45. 


Knee Sleeves will be available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. So, before you add your Knee Sleeves to your cart this Saturday, PLEASE MEASURE YOUR KNEES!! It sounds weird, but getting the right size will ensure you’re getting optimal compression and comfort, and save you from having to exchange them and wait even longer.

So, we’re going to show you how to measure for knee sleeves in three easy steps…

  1. Grab a tape measure. Any works, but a self-tightening one works best.
  2. Extend your knee or stand up and wrap the tape around the knee at center of the kneecap. Pull the tape snugly around your knee.
  3. Write the value down to 0.1 of an inch or centimeter. 

After you’ve measured your knee circumference, compare it to our size guide and find the corresponding size for a comfortable fit.

Here’s our Knee Sleeves Size Guide:

  • S - 12.75” - 14.25” / 32cm - 36cm 
  • M - 14.25” - 15.75” / 36cm - 40cm 
  • L - 15.75” - 17.25” / 40cm - 44cm 
  • XL - 17.25” - 18.75” / 44cm - 48cm

Don’t miss our most anticipated drop of the season

We’re so excited to drop our highly anticipated Knee Sleeves! We hope you’ll join us and snag a pair before people start finding out how amazing they are and sell out.

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  • I need a Lavender pair to match all my other upper lifter gear!

    Ama -
  • I’m so excited to finally get these!!

    Markie Acosta -

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