New Releases: UPPPER Lifting Belt Restock + New Colors

New Releases: UPPPER Lifting Belt Restock + New Colors

by Evelyn Valdez

In our last release in early November, we launched our Wrist Wraps 2.0, a newer and improved wrist wrap for heavy pushing exercises. Now, get ready for a release and a restock all-in-one!

On Tuesday, December 14, we restocked our sold-out, widely loved, and highly rated UPPPER Lifting Beltsfeaturing an upgrade you love! Plus, we've introduced two new colors to our collection!

It was our biggest release yet, but if you missed it, here’s what you should know…

Lifting Belt Restock: What to Expect

Our Lifting Belts have been sold out for quite a while, and there’s a good reason for that! Our belts are not only designed to look stylish and cool but they’re also designed to maximize your heavy pulling exercises! Don’t take our word for it though, check out the reviews for yourself… 


lifting belt reviews

And we’ve finally restocked them so you can see what all the hype is about yourself. Our entire Lifting Belt Collection has been restocked, which includes our Black, Grey, Pink, Khaki, Lavender, and Red belts. We've also introduced two new colors, but before we give you the details on that, there’s one major change we’ve made to our belts…

Our OG Lifting Belts featured a soft, suede-like material on the interior. Although we loved the material, we noticed how quickly it could get dirty, so we decided to make a change! Instead of having a different material on the inside, all our Lifting Belts are fully encompassed in soft vegan leather – on the outside and inside! The internal padding found in the OG belts will still be there too, the only change is the material and color on the inside.

So, now our Black Lifting Belts are fully black vegan leather, on the outside and inside. The same goes for all the colors! A new and updated look, same great design.

Introducing two new UPPPER Belts 

Say hello to the new kids on the block – Yellow Lifting Belt and White Lifting Belt. 

Everything you love about UPPPER Belts, but in two new bright and beautiful colors. Now you can match UPPPER Yellow Lifting Straps with the matching Yellow Belt, or pair your UPPPER Black Lifting Straps with our cool new White Lifting Belt (featuring the UPPPER logo in black).

For those who don’t know, here are a few details on what makes UPPPER Belts the best…

  • All belts come in a 4” width, the optimal width for better intra-abdominal pressure. Intra-abdominal pressure is what stabilizes and supports your back on extremely heavy lifts.
  • They feature a tapered design so that the barbell doesn’t interfere with the belt when lifting.
  • They offer maximal security. All belts feature a double prong metal buckle that includes 10 rows of holes so you can adjust and tighten it perfectly!
  • They’re comfortable and durable! The soft vegan leather on our belts is comfortable, but also resistant to abrasions, meaning it won’t wear and tear quickly.

As you can see, UPPPER Belts are designed with support, comfort, and heavy lifting in mind. All to help you achieve new heights on your fitness journey!

What size should you buy?

All lifting belts come in three sizes, and we highly advise you to measure your waist before placing an order! You don’t want a belt that’s too big, or too tight that it’s not giving you the effective support you need. So, to find the perfect belt, and to make sure you’re wearing it effectively, you must find the perfect size!

To help, here’s our Lifting Belt size guide, plus the measurements of the actual belt: 

Size Guide:

  • Small - Waist 23" - 29" / 58.5cm - 73.5cm
  • Medium - Waist 28" - 33" / 71cm - 84cm
  • Large - Waist 32" - 37" / 81cm - 94cm


  • Small - 36.75" x 4" / 93cm x 10cm
  • Medium - 40.25" x 4" / 102cm x 10cm
  • Large - 44.5" x 4" / 113cm x 10cm

How to wear an UPPPER Belt Effectively

Finding the perfect size isn’t all… you also want to make sure you’re wearing and using your new UPPPER Belt effectively!

Here’s how to wear it properly:

  1. Wrap the lifting belt around your waist, right beneath your ribs so that the lower border is right above your belly button. Some prefer to lower it for comfort, but this won't provide you with the maximum back support needed. 
  2. Before you tighten the belt and secure it, take a huge breath and brace your core muscles. 
  3. Secure the belt so that it feels slightly tight on your contracted muscles. You want a little bit of room in between your stomach and the belt, but not enough that your hand fits in between it.

Now, when should you use a lifting belt?

To use a lifting belt effectively, only use it for really heavy pulling exercises, like deadlifts, barbell rows, squats, and more. You don’t want to rely on a belt for every lift, so avoid using it for warm-up sets. Only use it for your maximal or submaximal lifts that use your back as support!

UPPPER Belts Available Now

As you can see, our weight lifting belts are the real deal! Lifters love them, and for good reason. So, if you need a reliable weight lifting belt that is going to help you hit new strides on your fitness journey, add an UPPPER Belt to your gym bag!

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