New Product Release: UPPPER Ankle Straps Are Here

New Product Release: UPPPER Ankle Straps Are Here

by Evelyn Valdez

Introducing our latest and greatest product release – UPPPER Ankle Straps! Yes, we've finally expanded our UPPPER Gear Collection to include ankle straps for all your lower body cable machine needs! 

Want to know the best part? 

Aside from being designed for maximal comfort, durability and style, you can match them with your UPPPER Lifting Belts, Barbell Pads, and Lifting Straps! So, let's dive into all the details on your new favorite gym accessory and how to use them in your strength training routine...

A closer look at the best ankle straps for cable machines

The cable machine is one of the best pieces of equipment to use at the gym, not only for upper body exercises but also for lower body exercises. So, if you have access to a cable machine at your gym (or home gym) then utilize it to its fullest potential by grabbing a pair of UPPPER Ankle Straps!

There are various cable machine attachments that the gym may provide you with, but most don't supply ankle straps, and if they do they're usually always in use. By getting your own pair of ankle straps you can avoid having to struggle to fight for a pair at the gym and start using the cable machine to its fullest potential on leg day! 

So, why are UPPPER's the best ankle straps for cable machines?

Our Ankle Straps are designed to be durable and comfortable, and come in a pair so you don't have to switch your straps between sets! They are made with a microfiber vegan leather that is eco-friendly, soft to the touch, but tough enough to resist abrasions. On the interior, you'll find a soft padding material that will help make your cable leg workout more comfortable and allow you to focus on your form. They also feature double D-rings and strong velcro to help make them easily adjustable - no more struggling to wrap them around or worrying about them moving and rubbing against your ankle! And best of all, they come in four different colors that match other UPPPER Gear like our Resistance Bands, Barbell Pads, and Lifting Belts! You can grab a pair of our Ankle Straps in Black, Pink, Lavender, or Red. 

Bottom line is, our Ankle Straps are designed for maximal comfort, durability, and versatility, and can turn your leg day into a better one. By adding a pair in your gym bag you'll be able to hit the cable machine to perform some of the best leg exercises you may have been neglecting.

How to use ankle straps

When it comes to strength training the best exercises involve a lot of heavy weight lifting, specifically using free weights such as barbells and dumbbells. This doesn't mean you should be neglecting all the cool equipment at the gym, like the cable pulley machine! This piece of equipment is so great because it can basically do everything dumbbells can, but with one pretty big difference... Instead of pushing or pulling against gravity, the cable machine has your muscles fighting against the resistance. This is beneficial for muscle building because the resistance is constant meaning your muscles are fighting against constant tension. It might seem like the cable machine might be more advanced, but it's actually very beginner-friendly! The fluid and smooth movements the cable matching provides help put less stress on your joints which tends to happen when lifting free weights. Beginners can start by doing common upper and lower body exercises on the cable machine to get adjusted to the movement before adding bigger stress like free weights. Cable machines also give you more stability and control and make it easier for you to go through the entire range of motion on any given exercise. So, continue your heavy hip thrusts, deadlifts, and squats for lower body gains, but don't neglect the cable machine!

Unlike other cable machine attachments, ankle straps connect your foot to the cable machine which allows you to do a variety of single-leg exercises that will help you build muscle while fixing any muscle imbalances! If you're on a time crunch you can create an entire glute workout or leg workout utilizing only the cable machine and a pair of ankle straps. Or when you're done with your main compound exercises you can finish off with a few cable exercises to fatigue your leg muscles even more for better muscle growth! With the help of ankle straps and a cable machine, you can further improve the strength and size of your legs and glutes!

Not sure what exercises to do using UPPPER Ankle Straps?

Here are our favorite ankle strap exercises that you can try on your next leg day that target various muscles in the lower body including the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps...

  • Cable kickbacks: Wrap an ankle strap around your left ankle and stand facing the weight stack. You can grab onto the cable tower for support. Lean forward a bit, keep your knees slightly bent, and engage your core and glutes and begin to slowly kick your left leg back until your leg is fully extended. Pause for a moment and squeeze your glute muscle. Then slowly bring the left leg back to the starting position and repeat for the desired amount of reps and then switch to the other leg.
  • Cable hip abductors: Stand next to the cable machine so that one shoulder is next to it. Attach an ankle strap to the ankle that's farthest from the machine and stand shoulder-width apart. You can hold on to the cable machine for balance, and when you're ready begin to raise the weighted leg out laterally as high as possible. Focus on using your side glute muscles to lift the weight. Pause for a moment, squeeze your glutes and go back to the starting position. Repeat for the desired amount of reps and then switch to the other leg.
  • Cable leg extensions: Wrap an ankle strap around your left ankle and turn so that you're facing away from the machine. Lift the working leg and bend it so that it's at a 90-degree angle. Using your quad, begin to extend the working leg until it's in a straight line. Flex your quad, and then bring the leg down to the starting position. Repeat for the desired amount of reps and then switch to the other leg.
  • Cable leg curls: Wrap an ankle strap around your left ankle and face the machine. You can hold on to it for better balance. Focus on using your hamstring muscle to raise your foot pulling the cable back into your knee is fully flexed. Pause for a moment, squeeze your hamstring muscle, and begin to lower your foot back down. Repeat for the desired amount of reps and then switch to the other leg.

There you have it! Our latest product release took a while, but we had to nail our Ankle Strap designed to ensure you're having the best and most comfortable leg workout possible. It's truly a gym bag must-have just like all of our other fitness gear - all designed to elevate your workouts to the next level!


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