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New In: UPPPER Wrist Wraps 2.0

by Evelyn Valdez

Say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new – introducing UPPPER Wrist Wraps 2.0!

You might be wondering, weren’t UPPPER Wrist Wraps already amazing? Yes, but there is always room for improvement! So, we decided to make a few changes that are going to make a huge difference in your heavy push workouts! And for the lifters who aren’t using wrist wraps for their heavy overhead lifts, what are you waiting for?!

Wrist wraps, like ours, are designed to be tough and add compression around the wrist joint during overhead lifts and other push exercises to provide the support and stabilization needed to prevent hyperextension from the heavy weights. This will allow you to focus more on your form, and help you push heavier weights without straining or injuring your wrist. A high-quality pair of wrist wraps that are long, sturdy, and durable, like our 2.0 version, are exactly what your gym bag is missing. 

But don’t let us just tell you, let us show you why! We’re going to tell you everything about the new UPPPER Wrist Wraps 2.0, why they’re beneficial, and tips on how to use them effectively… Let’s get started!

What’s the difference?

The biggest difference between our old Wrist Wraps and new ones, are the length!

The older version is 12” and the newer version is 19.5". We made this change because the longer wrap allows you to customize the compression of the wrist wrap to your needs. You can adjust it tighter for more support or vice, versa – you’ll always find the perfect amount of compression! And they’re not too long to the point that you have too much extra fabric, they’re the perfect length!

We’ve also made a few changes so that the polyester blend is stiffer, but not too stiff that it wraps uncomfortably around your wrist. It’s stiff enough to provide your wrist with the extra support it needs to push through heavy weights for a few extra reps. Plus, the polyester blend won’t irritate your skin! They’re extra comfortable, durable, and supportive – basically what your heavy push days are missing!

Oh, and another huge difference is… we’ve added more colors! You can now match your Wrist Wraps with your UPPPER Lifting Belts and Lifting Straps for the ultimate weightlifting set. Wrist Wraps 2.0 come in black, grey, lavender, khaki, red, and yellow and white will be coming soon!

How to put them on

Our Wrist Wraps are one-size-fits all and super easy to put on! However, we have to make sure that you're putting them on correctly for maximum effectiveness! So, follow these steps when putting on your UPPPER Wrist Wraps...

Step 1: Find the thumb loop and line it up with the inside of your wrists.

Step 2: Put your thumb through the loop so the wrist wrap is in place on your hand.

Step 3: Wrap your wrist with the velcro side facing in. The velcro needs to be on the outside of the wrist once you’re done wrapping. Keep the edges aligned while you wrap them around your wrists.

Step 4: Wrap it until it’s comfortably tight and secure it with the velcro. It should be tight enough to put pressure, but not too tight that it causes discomfort.

Additional tip: Make sure that the wrist wrap covers the wrist joint enough to create support. If it’s set below the joint then they become useless!

Why should you wear our new UPPPER wrist wraps?

There are three main reasons lifters should include wrist wraps in their gym bag… 

  • They support your wrist joint and reduce your risk of injury when heavy weight lifting! We’ve said this already, but we’ll say it again! Wrist wraps main purpose is to stabilize and protect your joint when performing max/heavy overhead lifts. This will help you keep proper form during heavy movements. For example, when performing a heavy
  • Helps alleviate wrist pain! If you suffer from a prior wrist injury or just wrestle with a lot of wrist pain, then wrist wraps can help ease that pain when you’re heavy lifting. They help stabilize your arm and reduce the pain associated with lifting really heavy weights overhead.
  • They’ll help you train harder and lifter heavier! Performing really heavy overhead exercises can compromise your form and fatigue your wrist joint which can hold you back from pushing through an extra rep or two. Wrist wraps help stabilize your wrist to help prevent this from happening. Plus, wrist stability is essential when you’re attempting a new max effort lift. It will help you narrow the focus of your effort and direction of the concentric movement. Basically, when your bench pressing and you want to hit a PR, wrist wraps will allow you to focus only on pressing the loaded bar!

As you can see, having a good pair of wrist wraps, specifically UPPPER’s 2.0 ones, will make a huge difference on your heavy push days. But they can also alleviate wrist pain with high repetition pushing exercises. High rep exercises still can cause the wrist to fatigue and give in, using wrist wraps can help protect your wrist and prevent that from happening. In fact, our original Pink Wrist Wraps are the perfect pair for high-rep exercises!

5 Tips for using Wrist Wraps 

Our new Wrist Wraps will help you break records on your heavy push days, but we’ve got five tips to ensure you’re using your wrist wraps properly and effectively…

  1. Find the perfect compression balance: Before you start hitting the heavy weights with your wrist wraps, find a compression that is comfortable for you. The extent of the tightness is a personal preference, but we suggest if you’re using moderate to heavy weights, have it wrapped less tight than you would if it was a one max rep. Basically, the heavier you lift, the tighter you want the wrap. But find the compression that is most comfortable for you.
  2. Don’t warm up with your wrist wraps: Wrist wraps are an excellent tool for heavy lifting, emphasis on the heavy! You don’t need your wrist wraps during your warm up sets. Only use wrist wraps where you’re working near max load. However, don’t let other lifters convince you that you can only use them for your max lifts. If you need some additional support when performing moderate weight and high-rep exercises, then use them! Just avoid relying on them and using for your warmup sets.
  3. Avoid placing them too low on your arms: Wrist wraps are designed to support the wrist joint, so make sure to wrap it around your wrist! Oftentimes, lifters will make the mistake of placing them below the wrist joint, so avoid making this mistake. Make sure to wrap the wrist wraps around so that it covers the wrist joint enough to create support.
  4. Use the right type of wrist wrap for your style of training: Most wraps can be used for any type of overhead exercises, like you can use our 2.0 wraps for high rep exercises too. However, using a thinner and more flexible wraps is ideal for moderate weight and high rep training. Thicker, longer, and Velcro-bound wrist wraps, like our 2.0 wraps, are better for powerlifting, like when you’re trying to max out during exercises such as the bench press or shoulder press. You’ll find yourself having a more comfortable training session by using the right type of wrist wrap for your training style.
  5. Don’t use them to cover up mobility and/or flexibility issues: Although wrist wraps are beneficial at alleviating wrist pain, you should avoid heavily relying on them and using them to mask flexibility issues. Often, lifters who suffers from discomfort in the wrist (and haven’t previously have had a wrist injury) when performing exercises like front squats and cleans is most lively due to poor upper body mobility and flexibility. This means, it’s not so much your wrist that is the issue. If you’re having mobility and flexibility issues, consider implementing a flexibility workout into your routine!

Use our new Wrist Wraps 2.0 (and follow our tips) and you’ll be on the right track to breaking records on your push days!

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