How to Stay On Track During Memorial Day

How to Stay On Track During Memorial Day

by Evelyn Valdez

Staying on track with your fitness goals can get tricky at times, particularly around days when you’re super busy or away from home, such as holidays or even long weekends. With Memorial Day coming up, chances are you’re probably already stressing about what you’re going to do to stay active.

The good news is… staying on track during holidays can be easier than it sounds! By making smart choices and planning properly, you can avoid all the stress that comes with navigating your days off, especially when you know there’ll be a lot of food and drinks going around and little time to get your workouts done.

In this article, we’ll show you a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, so you can enjoy yourself while still staying on the right path toward your fitness goals!

Plan ahead of time

A huge part of staying on track in any situation is to plan properly ahead of time. Whether you’re traveling to a new place, spending the weekend back in your hometown, or simply waiting to see what the long weekend brings you, planning ahead will help you ensure that you stay on track with your goals no matter what.

You can plan your workout week in a way that your rest days fall on the weekend, or schedule your toughest workouts early in the week and then leave the lightest ones for the holiday. Planning ahead of time also means choosing the right time to work out so it doesn’t interfere with your plans, such as working out early in the morning!

Go equipment-free when working out

If you’re working out during the long weekend, you can make things easier for yourself by keeping your workouts equipment-free! Equipment adds a layer of complexity to your workouts, plus it can be difficult to carry your own equipment everywhere if you’re going to be moving around, so try sticking with bodyweight exercises for now. Of course, not all equipment is heavy and bulky, so if you want to add a good level of resistance in your workouts and still be able to carry your equipment everywhere with you, consider getting a set of UPPPER Resistance Bands! Our bands are high-quality and durable, and you can simply carry them in a small pouch for better on-the-go workouts.

You can also take your workout outdoors with a few friends! For example, going on a bicycle ride, swimming in a pool or beach, or going on a hike.

Keep your workouts short but effective

You don’t need to go all out all the time with your workouts – sometimes less is more! Particularly around days when you’d rather use your time for resting or being around friends and family, keeping your workouts short but effective is the best way to go.

Instead of planning an hour-long exercise routine, you can cut your workouts in half or even less by implementing a high-intensity workout method such as HIIT training or incorporating supersets into your workouts. This way, you can get more done in less time, allowing you to stay on track while having plenty of time to enjoy the weekend!

Get active outdoors

If you have plans for the long weekend, chances are some of them include outdoor activities such as going to the beach or having a picnic at the park, or maybe just doing a barbecue in someone’s backyard. And what better idea than to take your workouts outside too for a change of scenery?

To keep things fun, you can plan a competition with your friends and family, such as dividing the group into two teams and playing a game of beach volleyball, or organizing a short hike to a nice spot where you can have your picnic. Or simply have your regular workout routine outdoors and feel the nice breeze on your face!

Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation

Staying on track isn’t just about working out and keeping up with your training routine – food is a big part of it too! This is especially true if you have weight loss goals that you’re trying to reach since you need to watch your calorie intake to make sure you’re not eating more than you burn.

However, you can’t expect to deprive yourself of everything you love just because of calorie content, especially at a gathering! So enjoy yourself and have some of whatever you’re craving, just make sure to do it in moderation and watch your portion sizes to make sure you’re not going overboard.

Have a workout buddy with you

There’s nothing better than having someone keep you accountable during days like these, especially if they’re trying to stay on track too! Having a workout buddy during your long weekend will not only help you avoid missing a workout day, but it’ll also make it a lot more fun.

Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or somebody else, you can either plan ahead and work out together or simply stay accountable through the phone. You can pick each other up to go to the gym early in the morning or send each other reminders to make sure none of you skip a day, whatever works for you!

Stay properly hydrated

This wouldn’t be a truly effective tip list if we didn’t remind you to drink plenty of water during the long weekend, especially if you know you’ll be drinking alcohol or eating some junk food at your gatherings!

Water will help digest all those extra calories that you might eat during the holiday weekend as well as flush out toxins. Not only that, but water fills you up and helps you stay satiated so you can avoid overeating when in reality you might just be thirsty for some fresh water. If possible, make sure to keep a bottle of water with you at all times!

Don’t let your fitness goals stop you from having fun

Remember that the ultimate goal when it comes to fitness should be to feel better about yourself, your body, and your lifestyle, and you can’t achieve that if you deprive or push yourself too hard in the process! On this Memorial Day, follow these tips so you can stay on track while still enjoying yourself and having fun with your loved ones.

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